My Mission….

My mission is to educate, empower and encourage individuals to achieve success and happiness in all areas of their lives while living clean. Balancing a home, kids, health, wellness and a business can be overwhelming at times but it is possible when we have our health, an abundance of energy, the tools, skills and the right mindset to guide us along our way.

Running a successful home business had always been a life long dream of mine but I never seemed to find the right fit for me……Now that I have discovered my passion, I find myself spreading that passion every where I go – it just comes naturally. Leading by example, my goal in life is to educate as many people and families as possible to make informed health and wellness decisions, while providing families the opportunity to experience incredible health, wellness and financial benefits that come with clean living.  This is my hope for you.

Getting to Know Me….

So, they say that life begins after 40. It may sound strange, but this makes a lot of sense to me now. Here I go…aging myself…but I am totally okay with that! Recently, I turned over a new a leaf, one that promises growth and wellness. To know me today, is to love the authentic real-deal me.

Who am I? Think the sassy go-to girl next door on a big-time mission to make a difference. Sassiness has always been a part of me, even when I was a young girl. My mom left when I was 4, just as my dad was building his Gravel Business in the small town where I lived most of my life. Good thing I was the adventurous type, as I spent most of my younger years with my Granny out on her cattle farm chasing cows, some days running from them, and collecting frogs. I still remember those years, some of the best years of my life. Visits with my dad for a few years were few and far between, as he worked so hard to build a good life for us. Most visits were spent riding on his lap in the big CAT or at the gravel pit, talking to random truck drivers on the radio while he was loading gravel (giggle). I think my favorite saying was “ten four, rubber ducky.” My dad is my hero, and from day one, always led by example. “Hard work, pays off,” he’d always say, “nothing in life comes for free.”

The next 25 odd years of my life consisted of being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at age 11, struggling through junior high and high school, going to University, getting a good job and buying a house (that’s what we are told to do, right?) So…..that’s what I did. I worked hard to make it through school, I wasn’t one of those “smart kids” and to be honest I didn’t much care for school. University was less than awesome, most of my time was spent exercising in the fitness facility when I should have been attending my classes. Despite my lack of focus at University, I did make it through and am thankful for the education I received.  Next, of course, came “real world” time. I landed a fantastic, well paying job as a Food and Beverage Manager at a 4 Star Hotel. I truly loved my job (more so, the social aspect of it), and soon after, bought my first home. Life was great…….or so I kept telling myself. 

Here I was, fresh out of University, young, vibrant, full of life and energy, making good money, owned my first house……..working six days a week, 12-16 hour days, no time for myself or anything outside of work……sound familiar? 4 years I did this! Then……

My knight in shining armor rode into my crazy busy life and swept me off my feet. 1 year later we were married and blessed with our first beautiful baby girl.  Child birth was terrifying to say the least. Being Diabetic, complications arose that resulted in an extremely scary emergency C-section.  3 pints of blood, lots of drugs and hours later I finally got to hold our first baby girl…..LOVE, TEARS and AWESOMENESS! Nothing else mattered.  Recovery was a long, sore, road, and in the midst of learning how to be a mom, I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease on top of already having Type 1 Diabetes.  Thankful for maternity leave (time to figure out what Celiac Disease was, learn how to be a good mom, and recover from an extremely painful C-section), I did some serious soul searching. When my maternity leave was over…..did I really want to go back to my 6 day, 12-16 hour a day job? Miss that time with my husband and child? Not have time again, for anything or anyone, including myself? I wanted to do more with my life, live it the way I wanted to, on my terms and not someone else’s. There had to be a better way…….

And then…….

A massive box of Opportunity showed up on my door step, literally! 

Along came Network Marketing……

In the Fall of 2003 I began my Network Marketing Career with a great company and was hooked for life, or so I thought. In 2006, I lost my voice due to a rare condition called Spasmodic Dysphonia, which put my Network Marketing Career on hold. Doctors still have no idea what caused this condition but say it may be related to my auto immune diseases (Type 1 Diabetes and Celiac Disease). Bad things happen in three’s, right? Usually if you have one auto immune disease the likelihood of developing another one is very high.  So here I was, no voice, no cure, just treatments which still leave my voice operating at about 75%.  Anyone in traditional Network Marketing knows that most home businesses require you to do home parties  – this was no longer an option for me. Along with my voice issue I also developed allergies to synthetic fragrances and chemical laden products, which we know linger everywhere and can cause devastating health issues.   

It was a sad day, I was sure I would have to go back to a “normal job” and that my Network Marketing Career was over. How could I continue my business without a voice? How could I do shows for people, in their homes, being sensitive to so many chemicals? Was it even possible?  Determination set in and I refused to give up, I put my big girl panties on, pushed forward and have since achieved sales and recruiting awards, beautiful jewelry, Lu Lu gift cards as well as earned some 5 star travel trips. Ecstatic to say, I am still here today and extremely grateful I did not give up on myself. I guess you could call me a Network Marketing or Direct Sales enthusiast. There is nothing  quite like being in charge of your own destiny, living your passion and helping others do the same. The “feeling of love” I get from helping others achieve their health, wellness and financial goals is one of the greatest and most satisfying feelings in the world.

I am now 40ish and still happily married with two amazing girls. My husband of 13 years is one of the most unbelievable men (besides my dad) that I have ever met – loving, hardworking, dedicated and a super dad. Blessed is an understatement. I make it a priority to practice gratitude every morning and every night! 

Oh and yes…..The #fabulousfarmwife is also on my resume. We own and operate a beautiful, natural, farm where we raise cattle, cater to our egg layers, harvest grain and garden. With a farm family, there are always a menagerie of animals and never a “sit still” moment, it seems.

Wife, kids, business, farm, health and wellness…it gets a little busy around here. All of this now happens with clean living top of mind!

So how does clean living fit in?

I have always been a health enthusiast because I had no choice. Eating clean is a top priority on my list – Type 1 Diabetes (32 years), Celiac Disease (13 years) and Spasmodic Dysphonia (10 years) – all auto immune diseases that are becoming more prevalent in our world every day, life definitely has its challenges. As a result, eating healthy is a no brainer in our house, I cook following a Diabetic and Celiac Diet. My family eats what is on the table, that’s it. (making more than one meal doesn’t fly with this farm wife). Pretty sure all the momma’s out there can relate. Having the nutrition background also allows me to offer health & wellness advice to others and help them make better lifestyle choices. 

The BIGGEST shift to living clean came about four years ago when I started doing research on becoming more informed about toxins in almost all the products we were using on a daily basis. In some ways, we lived a very healthy lifestyle but the unseen chemicals in our personal care and household products were wreaking havoc on our family’s wellness and had been for years! I mentioned earlier that I developed sensitivities to chemicals around the same time I was diagnosed with Spasmodic Dysphonia. NEVER did I ever think my health issues and my families health issues were brought on by the toxic products we were using in our home. A friend reached out one day when I was complaining about my daughters constant stuffiness, infections and colds. Shocked by what she said, I did some research on some of the products we were using and OMG! Talk about an instant medicine cabinet and cupboard cleanse. Things had to change. The switch was on, we replaced all our toxin laden, chemical filled personal care, skin care and household products with safe, effective, affordable, clean living products for health and home.  Status quo was no longer acceptable and those that know me, will tell you that I do everything I commit to with passion.

Along with that came a decision to take better care of “me”. Finding the “right products” had always been a challenge for me, yes, I am miss fussy pants. But with Celiac I have to be so careful.  So very grateful my company has an amazing health and wellness system, as well as a line up of fantastic supplements, personal care, skin care, and household care products. All safe, effective, toxin free, chemical free and AFFORDABLE! I began with our simple health and wellness system in August of 2016 and feel the best I have ever felt in my life. Currently, I am leading/coaching/motivating/inspiring a large group of amazing people to help each of them reach their own personal health, wellness and for some, their financial goals, as well – all with clean, toxin free living top of mind.  Grateful, is an understatement.

 Let’s just say…when you know better, you do better!

Since we have switched to clean living in all aspects of our life, home, health, wellness and now even finances. I know firsthand what a difference this can make in people lives. Moving forward, my heart-felt hope is to be able to help many more people experience the health, wellness and even financial benefits a clean living lifestyle can offer!

You only have one body – so best that you do your darndest to take of it, and if you aren’t sure how to start living clean for improved health and wellness……..get in touch with the #fabulousfarmwife. Your body and mind deserve the best. 

Much Love! 


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