Personally Work Side by Side with Kandee Stadnyk

First ~ Give yourself a high five. I am over the moon thrilled that you hit this page and you’re looking to work more closely with me. If you’re here looking to join me and my awesome business team in my Social Marketing Company and you want to become your own independent Entrepreneur then you landed in the right spot. 

OR maybe you’re more product focused and looking to make the switch to healthy living with clean, safe, effective products for the improved health and wellness of your family? From our amazing, simple “eat real food” healthy weight loss system, Collagen/HA supplement for joints and skin, long list of natural supplements, personal care products, skin care and household care products….your total health is safe with us. Toxic chemicals are no longer cool….the new trend is safe, effective, affordable products for health, wellness and home. 

Customer or Business? Which way to go? Up to you…… let’s discover more. 

Let’s talk BUSINESS!

Being a Network Marketing Enthusiast in this Industry since 2003 has exposed me to many different opportunities, products, compensation plans and companies but in all honesty, there are super specific reasons that I chose the company I’m with now and here’s what matters to me:

  • Strong Up Line Leadership and Support 
  • Effective Products that Promote Clean Healthy Living (all backed by a 30 day money back guarantee)                                 
  • Products that I would buy and use even if I were not getting paid                                        
  • A Company that offers incentives for both customers and entrepreneurs          
  • Products that appeal to the mass population and everyone wants                              
  • An established Company that has been around for over 30 years (no risky business for me)
  • A Simple Duplicable Business System that can be promoted Online or Offline by ANYONE regardless of Network Marketing Experience
  • A Company that knows how to have FUN     

Make sense?

One thing is forsure forsure (yes I said that twice), whatever home business route you choose, make sure that the company and the person you lock arms with is trustworthy, and a good fit for you and your lifestyle.img_0448

Back in 2003 the first Network Marketing Company I joined was a great company, I met lots of wonderful people, went on some amazing trips, had lots of fun, made lots of money, and earned my way up the ranks quickly…..but it just didn’t FEEL right.

Sometimes it takes a while to find that “right fit”. All I can tell you is to keep searching for that diamond in the rough, it is out there, and you will find it. Until just recently I had always been successful in Network Marketing but that “right fit” just didn’t exist. It did happen for me….so trust me, friend, your time will come. One massive piece of advice I will give you……do not settle for something “okay”. When it comes along, it should make your heart race and your palms sweat and you will want to get out there and get moving as fast as you can. Go for the greatness within you decide what you are passionate about, and take hold of an amazing leaders hand…then GO!

I made my dream happen, I am super passionate about helping others live a healthier, happier lifestyle by living clean, filled with more time freedom and financial stability. As a result of my successes in my home business, I am now leading a team of wonderful, confident, successful Independent Entrepreneurs who share my passion. It is so very contagious and truly heartwarming. When you know better, you do better and you help others do the same.  

That being said, as thrilling as it would be for you and I to lock arms in business, I first want to be sure that it’s a good fit for the both of us.  Wearing many hats is my specialty – from the #fabulousfarmwife, to a full time mom, farmer, successful business woman, live clean coach and child chauffeur, some days I really crave my “me time”. Time is precious, as we all know, and one of the reasons I chose Network Marketing as a career is to have the time freedom to do the things I love with the people I adore.  So….

I would like to ask a favor, because I know your time is just as valuable as mine….before you jump in with both feet, take a peek and see if you are the right fit for me:

  • Are you Coachable?        
  • Are you Motivated and Eager to Learn?img_0447
  • Are you Dependable?
  • Are you Fun to be Around?     
  • Can you dedicate 2 hours a week to building your business?

If you answered YES to all of the questions above and think that I would LOVE to work with you…..let’s not waste another minute……

There is no time like the present to slap on those running shoes and start burning rubber. Our team is on fire and we have positioned ourselves for massive growth and success in the next year. Now is the most perfect time to lock arms with us and join the wave of momentum that is sweeping over this company as we speak.

Driven by passion and a desire to achieve our dreams of Time and Financial Freedom while living clean for improved health and wellness, we are searching for people who share that desire with us. If that is you and you are ready to begin chasing your dreams and get busy…..let’s connect, we can’t wait to meet you!

Maybe a home business opportunity isn’t your thing but the idea of living clean and toxin free for improved health and wellness is?? Finding yourself curious about our safe, effective, non toxic, chemical free, AFFORDABLE products ? We celebrate clean living by giving you $10 off your first purchase (no minimum required) – ready?

Are you ready? Let’s Connect!